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As organisations become less hierarchical, and more complex with a high degree of cross-functionality, team effectiveness becomes the essential ingredient for driving results. A high-performance team is a function of the relationship between individual behaviour, the goals of team and the organisation. Concinnity Team Building initiatives can help teams to build trust, promote communication, and alleviate common workplace barriers.
We help teams develop a clear and shared vision, and a commitment to achieve together. We achieve this through our innovative and creative team building activities that offer specific learning and skill building that are transferable to the workplace. The aim is to help individual team members to learn how to collaborate more effectively and become more enthusiastic about the collective goal of the team.

Our offerings include targeted team learning, workshops and Assessments. We are able to generate powerful and enduring results for all levels of organisations, from the executives through to senior management, supervisors and new employees.
Our Customized Group Dynamics and Team Building Services Includes:
  • Team Assessments
  • Team Effectiveness Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Conquering The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Leadership Development
Concinnity Leadership Development facilitates the mastery of skills set and attitude required to build leaders that consistently excel. Our program focuses on expanding individual leadership capacity through learning, growing and changing. We help executives, managers and emerging potential leadership candidates to understand the human factors involved in building an effective corporative organisation and culture. With our support, they unlearn dated success limiting approaches to managerial and leadership roles, and imbibe leadership styles and qualities that make great leaders.
Recruitement and Selection
Concinnity Recruitment and Selection helps companies source and select the right people faster; people with the potential to become productive and valued employees. We are proficient in meeting the demanding hiring needs of high performing companies, and are able to deliver high quality candidates in faster cycle times and at a lower cost per hire.

Our expert sourcing and selection consultants help organisations to strengthen their talent pool for key jobs, reduce their attrition rate and help improve efficiency. With our support, clients are able to shorten the learning curve for employees in new positions and increase individual effectiveness and productivity.

At Concinnity, we are committed to helping companies to optimise their staffing performance with solutions that fully support or transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to us. From providing key people with specialist skills to putting together a task force for specific project or a fully operational team for a new venture, we are dedicated to supporting our clients with expert advice and resources. The benefit of outsourcing the recruitment functions to Concinnity reduces the burden of running a full fledge recruitment department. :
Workforce Planning
Whether to align workforce planning to strategic needs, conduct training needs analysis, analyse organisation's training program and provide solutions or strengthen training functions at any phase in the training cycle to the evaluate of the effectiveness of training programmes, we are positioned to assist organisations to design and implement customised solutions to maximise organisational, leadership and individual employee performance.
Why Concinnity?
Our firm is an association that brings together those who need a business problem solved with those who have the skill set to solve it.

Our expertise has grown from years of experience working closely with many clients.

Concinnity has a proven track record in helping diverse organisations to leverage their strengths, build capacities and fulfil a vision of excellence within their industry.
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