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The Libstor is dedicated to expanding access to scholarly electronic content for every student, faculty and staff in universities in Africa. The Libstor will use the licensing and creation of digital content to enhance teaching, learning and research within universities in Nigeria, and the rest of Africa. The Libstor is a user subscription programme that will collaborate with universities in the selection and development of content and the collection of user subscription fees.
The 21st Century has witnessed a confluence of advanced information and communication technologies that has created Digital Revolution. The new reality of today's world is the exponential growth of new knowledge and the evolution of an Information Society that is increasingly based on knowledge and information. In this new information society, the production of information or knowledge goods and services dominates wealth and job creation. In the new knowledge economy, information and knowledge are the most important factors of production.

Knowledge is highly portable in todays Digital Age. Knowledge resources, such as academic journals, data sets, video, audio, now travel in a digital universe, as well as in a highly competitive higher-education marketplace. Implementing a comprehensive Digital Library will equip Nigerian universities with an essential component they need for strategic positioning as a world-class university system.

Nigerian Universities
Libraries are the lifeblood of academic communities, and campus libraries are at the heart of its academic mission. Universities libraries in Nigeria are currently compromised in the ability to meet the needs and expectations of their information consumers. The 2013/2014 World University Rankings has no Nigerian University in the top 400 positions. In Africa, three South African institutions made the list: University of Cape Town (126th), University of Witwatersrand (between 226th and 250th) and the Stellenbosch University ( between 301st and 350th).

Individually, each university cannot conveniently and affordably provide the exceptional resources their faculty and students need and expect. The lack of access to information resources is affecting the quality of students learning and faculty development and retention.
The Libstor comprehensive digital catalogue provides access to the world's best library resources resources not available on the free Web. The Libstor represents a comprehensive System solution to the learning resource challenge faced by universities in African. It will meet the information needs of current and future faculty and students by providing them with the access a comprehensive, convenient and affordable Digital Library service.

Access to a comprehensive Digital Library will position a university among the ranks of global universities and institutions of higher learning that already offer Digital Library services. By ensuring a high-quality education environment, Libstor help to ensure that Nigeria universities rise to the level of excellence expected of a world-class university system.
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