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In today's Customer Age, rising customer expectation is rapidly shifting traditional norms of competitive differentiation from a product-driven model to a consumer-driven one. The companies thriving in today's commoditised environment have made the strategic decision to enhance their revenue by diligently building a customer-centric organisation. This strategic emphasis on customer focus has become a crucial element in enhancing brand loyalty and increasing consumer lifetime value.
Concinnity Customer Focus helps to differentiate companies based on responsiveness to customers. We assist organisations in developing and implementing customer-centric-strategies that places quality, innovation and enhanced customer experience at the centre of their corporate culture. At Concinnity, we help businesses create positive perceptions and emotions every time a customer interacts with their company environment, products, and employees.

We work closely with organisations to assist them in understanding the needs, priorities and expectations of their customers - who they are, what they like, how they behave, what their priorities are, and what their level of brand loyalty is. Based on these insights, we put solutions place to optimise all activities in the customer fulfillment chain to deliver exceptional value for the customer. Our goal is to help our clients create consistent positive customer experience at all customer touch points, while driving efficiency and profitability throughout the customer lifecycle.
Our Customer Service Focus Will Assist Companies To:
  • Develop customer focused strategic advantages
  • Deliver enhanced customer experience
  • arget customers and proactively hold them
  • Understand customers and their needs
  • Evaluate and monitor quality of customer servic
  • Align employee incentives with customer centred motives
  • Manage communication, expectations and perceptions
  • Secure a competitive edge in recruitment and retentio
What We Offer
With services dedicated to Customers, Concinnity help companies shape the structure and purpose of their organisation to become more customer-centred. We help them to understand the needs, priorities and expectations of their customers, and how to effectively meet them in all circumstances, and we put systems in place to ensure improvements are sustained. Using innovative strategies and proven methodologies, we collaborate with businesses to figure out how to acquire and retain customers, as well as maximise their lifetime value and make them more profitable.

Concinnity practice improves customer care in areas that include and not limited to the following
Customer Service
Effective and ineffective customer service is a matter of sensitivity, sincerity, attitude and interpersonal relationship skills. The delivery of consistent quality service to satisfied customers gives companies a competitive edge that drive referrals, retains customers and increase revenue opportunities.
Customer Care
Concinnity helps companies to design effective customer care programs that create moments of delight for customers-from first contact with your business, at point of sale or service provision, and after sales care. Our systematic approach helps our clients to understand what their customers want, need, think and feel and to identify why customers leave and how to prevent it.
Loyalty Marketing
Concinnity helps companies nurture customers who are not merely satisfied with their products and services, but committed customers who are loyal in behaviour and attitudes, and effective brand advocates. Our Customer Loyalty services takes companies beyond traditional loyalty programs, and seeks to change underlying attitudes and behaviour of customers.

At Concinnity, our goal is to create true loyalty by helping companies nurture deep relationships that retain and grow loyal customers with long lifetime values. Working closely with clients, we design, deliver, and manage successful loyalty interventions which benefit their organisation, as well as their customers.
Cause Marketing
Concinnity Cause Branding partners corporate organisations with worthwhile charities and good causes to market an image, product or service, and position their brand for the future. Our signature cause branding platforms unite companies and good causes in a synergistic mission that deliver measurable benefits to all the stakeholders: the charitable organisations garner support and raise public awareness; the community gets benefits that accrue from public spirited good works; the corporation heightens its appeal and reputation within its target market, enhance general perception as a socially responsible company, and increase its market share in the targeted segment.

As strategic thinkers with the know how to build brand devotion, Concinnity go beyond emotions to successfully break through today's market information overload to create and deliver programs that resonate with increasingly jaded consumers. We develop and execute substantive authentic cause marketing initiatives that differentiate a company from its competitors, giving it a marketing edge that delivers tangible results. At Concinnity, we help our clients build and deliver on their brand promise purposefully.
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