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Strong leaders at all levels within an organization are a requisite for business success, and to continually develop them. We build leadership powered organisations, with a continuous flow of leaders to help address the challenges of today's business environment and lead into the future.
What is the Concinnity Leadership Academy?
The Concinnity Leadership Academy (CLA) is a targeted Leadership development solution established to create a platform to bring Concinnity’s ideas and experiences of developing leadership for high performance in developing countries undergoing cultural and economic transition.
Why Concinnity Leadership Academy?
Leadership is socio-culturally contingent and the status and influence of leaders vary considerably as a result of socio-cultural forces (culture, religious, language and educational forces) in societies in which the leaders function. In addition, the stage of economic development of a society determines the prevailing business landscape in which organisational leadership takes place.

In today’s highly globalised and interconnected world, developing countries are undergoing substantial changes of a systemic nature. The dynamics of culture and an economy in transition means traditional normative and operating principles are being replaced by an unknown set, resulting in an ambiguous and uncertain period.

To operate successfully in this charted condition, leaders and prospective leaders, including top managers have to learn how to deal with the discontinuities of the institutional environment. Indeed, there is a great amount of common ground between leaders across countries, cultures, organisations and industries in terms of behaviours, the commitment and drive to lead successfully. However, leaders operating in the context of a developing economy and a society undergoing cultural transition have to contend with an incredibly complex, ambiguous and uncertain environment. Leaders at all level have to negotiate through this to lead their organisations successfully.

In order to develop 21st Century leaders that can effectively lead public and private sector organisation, there is need to understand the prevailing forces determining leadership and influence in developing countries and societies in cultural transition. For all organisations, the fundamental difference between success and failure will be the calibre of its leadership. Tweaking around the edges will not deliver what is needed. There is need for current leadership approaches be flexed to enable the development of robust leaders that can effectively lead organisations to meet current and future challenges of operating in economies and societies in transition.

At Concinnity Leadership Academy, we help leaders and prospective leaders to internalise a new type of organisational and behavioural psychology that will enable them operate successfully in the testing conditions of a society and economy in transition. We help organisations to develop leaders at all levels, and enable them improve their performance and the performance of their team and organisations. Our practical approach to leadership development helps create more dynamic leaders, with the enhanced contextual leadership and business ready skills and competencies to face challenges at the individual, team and strategic level.
Why Use Concinnity Leadership Academy
The Concinnity Leadership Academy is committed to supporting the development of current and future leaders, and enable organisations achieve their framework for success.

Stepping up and succeeding in a leadership position goes beyond merely providing better leadership skills. Successful leadership requires a fundamental adjustment in mind-set. The Concinnity development intervention offer individuals and organisations the opportunity to support leaders at all level to develop appropriate mind-set to become competent and multifaceted. We enhance leadership capacity through a structured, experiential learning that is grounded in relevant learning principles and integrate the participants’ real work situation.
Benefits to your organisation
  • We inspire and enhance your leaders capacity to lead effectively at the right level
  • Creates a conscious organisation committed to being continually self-aware, with empowered and engaged employees
  • Improve leaders execution power for delivering significant and sustainable business performance.
  • Creates a conscious organisational culture, where employees are self-aware, empowered and engaged.
  • Develop organisations internal capacity to build own leadership pipeline
Leadership Development Services
We offer a unique combination of leadership development services that include leadership consulting, development and coaching for businesses, governments and social sectors.
Concinnity Leadership Academy supports organisations in building a sustainable leadership development infrastructure to support the development of robust leaders who able to lead to execute and lead effectively in hugely complex and demanding roles. We help individuals and organisations to develop and embed core leadership skills and behaviours, and share good practice within and outside their industry, while keeping a contextualised perspective relevant in a developing economy and society in cultural transition.
Concinnity Leadership Academy functional practice is focused in three integrated practice areas:
  • Leadership Consulting
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Coaching
We design and implement leadership exploration and development interventions that aims to make fundamental adjustment in mind-set to drive behavioural changes that define outstanding leaders. Working closing with organisations, we support them in growing an internal pipeline within their organisation to enable
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How can we help you?
Contact us at Concinnity or submit a business inquiry online.

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