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Companies with superior growth and performance typically have multiple distinctive advantages that set them apart. At Concinnity, we help organisations nurture the constellation of distinctive advantages needed for sustainable growth and performance. At the core of our offerings is a focus on improving clients performance and effectiveness through effective human, structural and intellectual capital across a wide range of industry sectors and business functions.
We help to unleash the potential of organisations through an integrated functional practice that is focused on optimising the effectiveness of organisational structures, processes and workforce.
  • Define strategic capability and execution opportunities.
  • Leverage organisational values and culture to drive results.
  • Bring clarity and commitment to critical business and people issues.
  • Create the structure for successful and sustainable growth.
  • Build organisational capability through leadership and workforce development
Client Services
Our broad set of distinctive capabilities reflects the breadth and depth of our cross-industry and cross-multiple functional expertise. Our firm has dedicated resources and professional expertise to develop competences in the following areas: Organisation Development, Human Capital Development, Customer Focus, Small Business Services, Information Technology Solutions and Research Services.
Organisational Effectivess
The increasingly complex, dynamic business environment and the pressure of technical and socio-cultural changes has dramatically changed how organisations structure their people and processes to sustain performance.Innovate or perish is the ageless axiom governing organisations; the management of these dynamics calls for continuous improvement and adaptive capabilities across all levels of an organisation.
Human Capital
To achieve sustainable growth and bottom-line results, companies need to build and develop a pool of competent human capital and align them to their business and strategic objectives. What differentiates successful organisations is their ability to attract, develop, deploy motivate and retain the top-level talents vital for their business needs. We help organisations build a high-performance workforce by attracting the best people, ensuring their talents are fully utilised and supporting their career progression within the organisation.
Small Business Services
Small and medium businesses enterprises are the backbone of the economy, the engines that drive growth and job creation, and the source of new and innovative ideas. Concinnity is passionate about small business and committed to promoting and advancing the spirit of enterprise.
Information Technology
Concinnity Information Technology services provide consulting, design, implementation, management and support services across all phases of business and technology initiatives. Our team of highly-qualified IT consultants expertly design, build and manage clients information technology projects. Applying innovative solutions to enable business transformation, we handle projects, large and small, from needs assessment through to implementation. What differentiate Concinnity Information Technology services is our deep knowledge of the non-standard market our clients operate and how this impacts technical and business issues at each phase of the transaction.
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Concinnity Products & Solutions
Our offer a broad range of products and innovation solutions reinforce our core functional practice capabilities.  

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