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A natural synergy with our partners and alliance ecosystem allows us to expand our capabilities and open up a network of shared knowledge that enables us to provide our clients the expertise and specialised and tailored solutions they required for outstanding results and sustained value. A central component of Concinnity's success is our belief in organic growth through strategic partnerships and alliances. The firm has built up an extensive network of highly qualified solution partners and practitioners, and we draw on their respective expertise and specialised knowledge to bring industry best practice and expertise to all our assignment.
The Concinnity Maintaining High Standards
We clearly identify and rigorously manage the specialist elements and expertise that our partners and associates provide. Each project is managed and administered by core Concinnity staff. Our quality assurance protocol requires partners to adhere with Concinnity processes.

Our partners and associates are contracted on a Framework Contract which specifies general expectations, standards and quality assurance procedures.

We have established processes for quality assuring our various collaborative arrangements, and these include:
  • A commitment to shared organisational core values (The Six Quality of Excellence)
  • Assessment of Prior experience
  • Client references and feedback
  • Reviews during and after contracts
  • Review and observation of on-going projects
  • Participation in shared learning and development
The Concinnity Partnering Philosophy
Successful partnerships are based on mutual respect, trust, and shared vision and goals. At Concinnity, we value our relationships with our alliance partners and we are committed to nurturing long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships. The Concinnity partnering philosophy is guided by a commitment to:
  • Achieve mutually beneficial synergy
  • Enhance corporate philosophies and values
  • Complement capabilities and services.
  • Build long term collaboration
  • Mutual trust and transparency
Best-in-Class Services and Solutions
  • Supported by a strong network of alliance partners, strategic and transactional, Concinnity offers an integrated team of specialists working together to bring best-in-class services and innovative solutions to clients. The strengths of our company combined with the expertise and specialised knowledge of our alliance partners, ensure that we leverage industry best practice to bear to the benefit of clients in key industrial sectors.
  • Our highly qualified multi-disciplinary network of highly-skilled solution partners and associates include the following:
Our highly qualified multi-disciplinary network of highly-skilled solution partners and associates include the following:
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