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The Concinnity Leaderships Academy believes leadership is contingent on the prevailing socio-cultural forces in which leaders function, the development stages of organisational enterprises and the leaders’ personal attributes. We bring together our extensive understanding of contemporary ideas about leadership development in transitional societies and developing economies, and combine our experience in empowering leaders in a broad spectrum of organisations in developing their leadership attributes and their potential areas of difficulties. Significant financial and professional services companies in the private sector, as well as major public sector ministries and agencies organisation have benefitted from the impact of our leadership consultancy and development interventions.
The Principles Behind Our Design Process
Our leadership development design process is underpinned by four core principles:
  • Design in Organisational Context: Leadership development intervention is tailored to meet organisational goals, objectives, culture, and strategy.
  • Develop the Whole Person: Build capabilities that are universally crucial and develop key competencies that address prevailing local context.
  • A leadership development is a Journey: Intervention takes a leadership exploration and development experiential approach, contextualised in workplace and with the appropriate intensity and time frame for application and true behaviour change
  • Systematically builds sustainable leadership development infrastructure. Sustainable leadership is created and preserved through sustained learning. Leaders at all levels need on-going mentoring, learning support and career learning to sustain development.
  • Fundamental Shift in Mind-Set: Support individuals and organisations in imbibing the fundamental adjustment in mind-set required to become effective in leadership roles and processe
Concinnity Approach
Concinnity Leadership Academy programmes are powerful, interactive and exceptional learning initiatives that provide participants with a fresh perspective and framework for approaching their leadership roles. At Concinnity, we believe leadership development is less about skills per se and more about developing a mind-set. We take a long view to leadership development based on the premise that changing habits and behaviors takes time, at least three months. We need time to change (in order of difficulty) attitudes, behaviours, skills and knowledge. Consequently, we take a leadership exploration and development approach that seek to influence people's mindset and behavior.

Our customisable leadership development curriculum is based on leading global thoughts on management and leadership development, and grounded on best-practices research, contextual ideas and experiences. We take a contextual approach that creates a platform to support participants on a meaningful and transformational leadership journey to cultivating the mind-set and attributes that make successful leaders. We are committed to supporting the development of leaders who understand the context in which they operate and have sustained wider horizons and the strength to help their organisations achieve their framework for success.
Our Methodology
Our leadership development methodology is anchored on an intense Leadership Exploration and Development journey that is founded on Appreciative Inquiry and Systems Thinking and Change. Our development interventions takes modular approach with interrelated development activities that are deployed over time, allowing learners to internalise new habits and behaviours.

We place great emphasis on strengthening leadership capabilities before, during and after the facilitated workshop intensive. All our leadership programmes are designed to help participants and their organisation use their own experiences as part of the learning process and continuing professional development. Time is devoted to addressing and practicing crucial individual and organisational leadership issues. For us, the best ‘case study’’ is our client’s own business organisation.
Blended Learning
hrough a structured blended learning approach and modalities, we deploy a variety of off-line and on-line learning engagements that incorporates inbuilt sustainability tools. Our blended learning mix integrates Facilitated Sessions, Developmental Assignments, Peer-to-Peer Learning, Experience Exchanges and Self-Directed Learning.

Our experiential learning is an interactive, 'hands-on' and stimulating learning experience that incorporates individual assessments, development planning, leadership workshop, peer-to-peer learning and action learning sets. We give participants the support and developmental opportunities to take charge of their leadership journey.
Our Consultants
Concinnity Leadership Academy works with an extensive network of highly skilled professional consultants, content designers and delivery faculty to build organisations’ leadership capability. They are subject matter experts with extensive practical industry and business experience, as well as expertise in adult learning principles. With the support of our local value learning partners and our international industry experts and knowledge partners, we are able to bring best-in-class resources to all clients’ leadership development projects.
Partners for Excellence
At Concinnity Leadership Academy, we distinguish between Tailored and Customised approaches to the delivery of our leadership programmes. Our signature programmes can be customised or tailored to ensure organisations and their leaders are primed to meet their unique challenges.

Tailored Programmes

For Tailored programmes, we simply modify the content of our standard signature programmes to suit a client organisation’s own industry and current issues. Our tailored development intervention are specifically designed to help organisations build the knowledge-base, exchange experiences and discuss their business models and put management and strategic tools into practice, while building practice-oriented leaders.

Customised Programmes

Our customised leadership development interventions are strategic developmental initiatives designed specifically to meet a client organisation’s unique needs and challenges. Working closely in partnership with the organisation, our custom leadership development approach is designed to meet organisation’s strategic goals and objectives, and to transform the mind-set and behaviour of current and future leaders to enable them to successfully lead the organisation at all levels.

Programme Development

Partnering with our clients, we listen and learn from their insight, knowledge, and experience of their organisation to enable us devise challenging learning journeys that simulate innovative thinking and courageous behaviours. We work closely with the client organisation to agree on the discussion brief, and then go on to design the programme in consultation with the organisation. If needed, we undertake further relevant research and development activities that may be needed to support the development programme. For tailored leadership programmes, we first pilot the development interventions, and the outcome evaluated before full deployment.

Over the course of the programme, participants complete an intensive leadership exploration and development that integrates the development of knowledge, insights and skills in leadership within an organisation to enable the building of organisational leadership capacity for today and for the future. Our tailored programmes can be designed to include speakers from client organisation’s and thought leaders in the business community, as well as Concinnity’s subject matter experts.
If clients desire, an assessment component can be incorporated into our customised development interventions. The competency-based assessment will include the assessment of participant's ability to perform a skill and demonstrate knowledge in the topic area of the leadership programme. The assessment tools include written assessment, oral presentation, individual or group assignments, role plays, video recording and online testing

While our courses do not provide a formal qualification, we can work with organisations to incorporate content and competency-based assessments that form part of Quality Framework for the Recognition of Prior Learning and other competency standards available in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland.
Impact Evaluation
After programme deployment, we evaluate resulting impact in terms of changed behaviours, new knowledge and modified beliefs. To measure and evaluate our leadership development intervention outcome, Concinnity uses a Kilpatrick 5 level approach to determine the appropriateness of the content delivered and whether the programme is value for money for client organisation.

Return on Investment

We predetermine the outcome measures required prior to programme design and deployment. The analysis of the return on investment is carried out twice during the programme, before commencement and at the conclusion of programme.

Monitor Evaluation

Participants will be evaluated on each module through team exercises, group projects, presentations and/or participation. Participation is essential in this programme and will represent a significant portion of each module’s evaluation. Consequently, we will evaluate how each participant interact both online and offline

Measure Impact

To determine improvements in leadership capability and behaviour, participants are assessed using a 360 degree survey to diagnose individual participants leadership strengths, weaknesses and precise development needs based on feedback from your colleagues at the commencement and deployment of our leadership programme.
International Delivery
International delivery workshops and study tours programme provides the opportunity to gain a global perspective of your industry and maintain your competitive edge in today’s globalized market. We have the capacity to support our clients with international specialist leadership development programmes to meet their needs.

Our network of partners are chosen for their reputation for excellence in their area, and we leverage their resources to offer a variety of international programmes in major global cities, such as United Kingdom, United States, Dubai and South Africa. The strengths of our company, combined with the specialised knowledge of our global partners, ensure your learning experience, wherever it takes place, is carefully planned and structured to maximise the value we deliver.
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