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Information Technology has opened new channels and ways of doing business, as well as new ways of relating to customers, suppliers and employees. At Concinnity, we view technology as a vital business enabler and we help businesses take advantage of the benefits of IT solution. We bring together the best people, technology and products to create solutions that help our clients manage their operations more effectively.
Concinnity Information Technology services provide consulting, design, implementation, management and support services across all phases of business and technology initiatives. Our team of highly-qualified IT consultants expertly design, build and manage clients information technology projects. Applying innovative solutions to enable business transformation, we handle projects, large and small, from needs assessment through to implementation. What differentiate Concinnity Information Technology services is our deep knowledge of the non-standard market our clients operate and how this impacts technical and business issues at each phase of the transaction.
Concinnity Information Technology Solutions helps organisations:
  • Align IT and business strategies for completive advantage.
  • Define IT strategy and the roadmap to achieving objectives.
  • Transform business through innovative technology solutions.
  • Shape and optimise workplace performance.
What We Offer
Concinnity is venture independent and provides clients with a single source for information technology expertise, resource and products. To enable us meet our clients varied needs, we have strategic alliances and partnerships with key technology providers from around the world. We collaborate with them to identify the business outcome they require and design the program of work to achieve them. At Concinnity, we are commitment to providing the highest quality of service from initial consultation through to follow-up support.

Our core competencies include:
Information Technology Services Include
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Excellence
  • Outsourcing Solution
  • Educational Solutions
  • Custom Database Development
  • Training & Capacity Building
  • Project Management
Product and Solution


Digital Information Management Solutions for Libraries and Archives
Every organisation has a variety of information management needs. The Libstor, in partnership with global publishers and technology providers, brings the most advanced digital eBooks and content, and Digital Achieving Services to academic, professional and public libraries, governments, corporate organisations, and other end-users in Africa.

Libstor also provides online library and knowledge management systems to manage a wide variety of electronic knowledge resources, including cloud-based digitalisation, archiving and knowledge and information management solutions.

An initiative by Soutron and Libstor to improve information access for Africa, Libstor brings best of breed software, content and services to suit the needs of all types and sizes of libraries and knowledge services.

Libstor Cloud Based eBook and Digital Library Services
In partnership with global technology providers and publishers, Libstor provides a unique blend of library expertise, book publishing and innovative technology.  Libstor is an efficient cost effective solution for accessing the latest eBooks, journals, academic and business information in a secure, timely and robust manner.

How can we help you?
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