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Untitled Document The SEMP Approach: Simplified Examination to Maximise Profit
The SEMP Approach: Simplified Examination to Maximise Profit is a step-by-step methodology that teaches you how to consult with small and SME businesses to increase operational efficiency and maximize profits. It is based on the premise that small business consulting can be simplified with an understandable process segmented into easy, manageable units guided by a plan and checklists. The SEMP Approach gives you the tools to accomplish this: ONE comprehensive manual encompassing all aspects of micro, small and medium enterprise (SME) consulting!
Small businesses need HELP! Unfortunately, it is estimated that 7 out of 10 new businesses will likely survive for only two years and half will likely survive for only five years...staggering statistics!

Small business and SME consulting does not have to be complex, ambiguous, or overwhelming. You just have to know how to do it the simple way - the SEMP way.
Learn all aspects of small business consulting with an easy to follow, logical, concise, systems approac
  • Practice aides (checklists) to guide and support you
  • SEMP teaches you how to think "out of the box"
  • Can fit your skill level and needs of your client
  • Assist your clients in growing their own businesses while you grow yours!
The SEMP Approach training manual is filled with:
  • Questions to ask clients,
  • Recommendations, and
  • Consulting ti
The 40-video SEMP Approach lecture series
  • Learn at your leisure – watching and listening
  • Small business and SME concepts made simple on videos
  • Combines with the SEMP Approach training manual to maximize understanding
Learn the SEMP Approach:
  • Obtain your AASBC certification
  • Increase your professional credibility
  • Offer this valuable service to client
Promote your small business consulting practice:
  • With new skills
  • With new ideas
  • With more to offer small business and SME client
SEMP Approach:
  • Simplified
  • Examination
  • To Maximise Profit
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