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It is a difficult task being a small business owner. In addition to knowing the technical aspects of the business, the owner must also have a wide diversification of knowledge in a multitude of operational areas to achieve success. This becomes quite difficult since a small business owner is pulled in many different directions and is expected to make simultaneous, logical business decisions. Daily, the owner is bombarded with various questions and confronted with choices to analyse.
When small business owners lack the necessary skills to make these all-important decisions that frequently mean the difference between success and failure, they must turn to someone with a well-rounded knowledge of micro, small and medium business - someone they trust, someone they can confide in, and someone who can assist them in growing their businesses into profitable entities, and that is an independent small business consultant. Have them call you - an Accredited Small Business Consultant consultant)!
How to Become a Small Business Consultant
The Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants® (AASBC) trains you with our proprietary SEMP Approach: Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit, so you become proficient in small business consulting (training manual and 40 video lecture series).

The more you know about increasing the operational efficiency and profitability of a business, the more valuable you are to your client. Whether engaging in a consulting project or just answering a few simple questions during a meeting or phone call, achieving an AASBC certification allows you to stand out from your peers and gives you an opportunity to increase your own profits by offering this valuable small business consulting service.

The goal of any small business or SME is to operate more efficiently and maximize profits. As an AASBC certified member, you will be trained in all areas of a small business, assist owners in accomplishing their goals, and capitalise on the huge opportunities in this area.
  • Earn your certification - Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC)
  • Obtain the required knowledge to guide your clients along the path to success.
  • Understand how to take a forward-thinking, proactive approach with clients assisting them in areas where they lack sufficient operational knowledge.
  • Help clients make decisions that will enable them to improve operational efficiency and maximize profits.
  • Become a confidant for your clients – micro, small and medium enterprise (SME) owners - learning critical elements of their business and securing long-term relationships.
The Process

The process to become an Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC) or Accredited SME Consultant (designation for international members) involves three steps:

(1) become a member, (2) prepare for the exam, and (3) pass the exam. It's easy to join - just complete the short, online application and pay with a credit or debit card through our secure system.

Next, prepare for the certification exam by studying the SEMP Approach: Simplified Examination to Maximise Profit training manual and watch the 40 video SEMP Approach lecture series. And then, pass the ASBC/ASMEC exam (same exam for either designation).

Complete these three steps, become an Accredited Small Business Consultant or Accredited SME Consultant (designation for international members), and watch your professional career soar!
Benefits of Accreditation:
  • Acknowledgement of your expertise in the field of small business and SME consulting.
  • Recognition by the public of your ASBC or ASMEC designation.
  • Distinguishes you from colleague
AASBC Become a Membership SEMP Approach
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