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In the White Paper section, we present Concinnity think-tank original research on critical issues that impact the effectiveness and performance of human capital and organisational.
Globalisation and Advances in TechnologyGlobalisation and Advances in Technology: The Imperative of Training the Nigeria Work Force
The 21st century has brought with it challenging and exciting opportunities, a world of discoveries and endless possibilities. At the core of this epochal change are the forces of globalisation, advanced technologies and the exponential growth of new knowledge.
The Digital Talent GapThe Digital Talent Gap: Digital Literacy Skills for the 21st Century Workplace
Today's society is vibrant, multifaceted, diverse and technology-driven and requires its citizens to be armed with the necessary skills and tools to move with it. In the new Information Age, the main driver of performance and economic growth is knowledge.
Insurance Retailing:Using unconventional distribution channels to retail insurance.
Market pressures in the insurance industry demands unconventional retailing channels for insurance products and services. Is this the recipe for increased customer base and enhanced service delivery? These are conclusions from Concinnity White Paper on direct retailing of insurance in Nigeria.
The Leadership Challenge:Navigating the economic crisis;
Emerging from the throes of consolidation, the effects of the global and local economic meltdown, effective leadership is critical in navigating a company to sustained growth.
Cause Branding:Cause Branding
Concinnity differentiates companies and their products using a pro-social agenda as a way of building and enhancing their reputation and image for a competitive edge
Mystery Shopping:Ensuring mystery shopping report is informative and professional document.
Concinnity Mystery Shopping provides practical solutions to help train, develop, motivate and reward clients front line staff. The objective of the Mystery Shopping program is to measure and evaluate the quality of customer service and selling skills demonstrated by personnel when dealing with customers
Leadership & Learning: Indispensible:Developing Leaders. Strengthening Organisation
From the throes of consolidation to the collateral business damage from the credit crunch, effective leadership is critical in navigating a company to sustained growth.The axiom, Everything rises and falls on Leadership underscores the crucial importance of regular update of the leadership skills of every organisation managerial team
Health Services Utilisation Behaviour:How Do People Choose their Health Care Provider?
The impact of peoples predisposing, enabling and needs variables on health services utilisation. A study of how households use health service facilities in the rural areas.