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Working smart is the mastering of business skills premised on intelligence. - The purpose of training programmes is to develop the skills and knowledge of individuals so they can perform their roles effectively and efficiently. Concinnity offers a diverse portfolio of training programmes and practical solutions to help bridge organisational skills gap, and create competent and high-performance employees for competitive advantage. Our training and development programmes are structured around specific industry areas and core business skills.
Industry and Competency Focused Learning
Our Human Capital practice has developed industry or competency focused expertise dedicated to the learning and professional development in specific business industry sector and functional areas. These enables organisations enhance train and develop their workforce to meet the changing needs of their market sector.

Our courses comprise of carefully developed lessons and exercises and employ interactive hands-on approach to learning and skills development. Workshop activities and content are customised to match specific organisational requirements and situations, and accommodate a variety of learning needs, interests and abilities.
Delivery Methods
Some skills are effectively and efficiently imparted through informal vehicles, while others need more formal delivery methods. We also recognise that learners have different needs, different ways of processing information and different pressures on their time. Concinnity employs appropriate delivery vehicles to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of our training programmes and seminars. These include formal training vehicles such as, instructor-led training, guided self-study and e-learning, as well as informal vehicles such as, on-the-job-training and mentoring. Each of this delivery methods can stand-alone, complement each other or blended to for maximum effectiveness.
Instructor-Led Training Blended Learning Distance Learning

Concinnity employs a core cadre of Senior Consultants, Coaches and Facilitators who are subject matter experts, with years of practical business experience from a wide range of sectors. Experts in designing and developing programme for adult learners, they are able to harness real world situations for a rich learning experience within the context of the clients industry.

We regularly evaluate the effectiveness of our Consultants based on their ability to create a positive learning environment. Participants have consistently rated our facilitators as outstanding and they leave Concinnity facilitated workshops highly energised and inspired.

All our consultants are qualified graduates and many hold either a masters, advanced post-graduate work (MPhil, PhD or Specialist professional development certification and accreditation).
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