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The complex issues facing decision makers are difficult to define and multi-causal. In today's knowledge based economy, the intellectual capital of an organisation creates a solid foundation for informed strategic decision-making and continuous improvement.
Our Research is Your Leading Edge

Concinnity's raison is the use of research based evidence and analysis as the key to unlock winning business strategies and delivery models for building high performing organisation. Our careful appraisal of intuition, knowledge, qualitative information and quantifiable facts helps decision makers reduce risk when making decisions, develop and evaluate policy and strategy options and conceive new initiatives and interventions.

Our research practice supports organisations with critical fact-based research, evaluation and analysis that adds value to their intellectual capital. We help them to meet the challenges of bring clarity to complex issues, reduce uncertainty in decision making, demonstrate the value and impact of their work and identify areas for improvement. We leverage our expertise in high quality data collection and analysis to help clients collect information, establish facts, and carry out investigation to inform decision-making, demonstrate value and evaluate performance.

Our aim is to deliver timely, relevant and quality evidence enabling effective decisions to be made. Using tried and tested tools and approaches, a strong collaborative style and techniques that reflect our core values, we tailor our research to the client's need to produce accurate and reliable result.
Concinnity Research Services helps organisations to:
  • Have a deep knowledge about their organisation
  • Clarify strategic options or develop strategic directions
  • Accurately forecast competitive landscape
  • Identify market opportunities, size and requirements
  • Benchmark and measure performance
  • Understand consumer behaviour, trends and attitudes
  • Strategically plan, and provide sales and marketing support
  • Support knowledge building support
Research & Evaluation Services
  • Economic and Social Impact Assessment
  • Baseline Analysis and Research
  • Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Strategy and Policy Development.
  • Demand Assessment Studies
  • Needs Analysis
  • Desk Research (Analysis of Secondary
  • Sources of Data) Literature Reviews and Report Writing
  • Business Engagement
  • Community and Stakeholder Consultatio
Quantitative Research
  • Telephone, Face-To-Face and Online Surveys
  • Primary and Secondary Data Analysis
  • Sampling and Weighting
  • Questionnaire Desig
Qualitative Methodologies
  • Depth Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Case Studies
  • Observatio
Literature Review and Documentary Analysis
  • Policy and Strategy Reviews
  • Scoping and Feasibility Study
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Mystery Shopping: Ensuring mystery shopping report is informative and professional document.

Concinnity Mystery Shopping provides practical solutions to help train, develop, motivate and reward clients’ front line staff.  The objective of the Mystery Shopping  program is to measure and evaluate the quality of customer service and selling skills demonstrated by personnel when dealing with


Insurance Retailing: Using unconventional distribution  channels to retail insurance. 

Market pressures in the insurance industry demands unconventional retailing channels for insurance products and services. Is this the recipe for increased customer base and enhanced service delivery? These are conclusions from Concinnity’s White Paper on direct retailing of insurance in

Health Services User: How Do People Choose their Health Care Provider? 

The impact of peoples’ predisposing, enabling and needs variables on health services utilisation. A study of how households use health service facilities in the rural areas.