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Concinnity brings together an uncommon blend of talent, knowledge and experience within a collegiate culture that is defined by relationship between (among) built on respect, sincerity, cordiality and curtesy. Our team multidisciplinary and well-qualified individuals are drawn together by shared values and a resolve to make a difference.
At Concinnity, we care about getting things done and the relationships we build. The complex nature of the issues that Concinnity is called to address creates an intellectually stimulating environment that drives our people's individual, professional, and team growth. The organisation appreciates the uniqueness and diversity of insights of our team members and leverages this to achieve excellent results.

At Concinnity, collegiality is more than commonality, agreement, coactivity, concurrence and collaboration. These qualities define our approach to teamwork: a selfless commitment to deliver against the company promise to our clients, our team and our firm. It is this distinct perspective and our tremendous commitment to provide exceptional service that the Concinnity team bring to each of our client and project.
Belief and Values
Fundamental to our success is a comprehensive strategy that integrates our philosophy, culture and core values with our strategic objectives. These principles define the character of our firm and guide how we behave, our approach to work and our relationship with clients. Our sense of purpose is anchored on our beliefs, values and standards.

Our mission sets a clear focus for our work, our values and standards define how we carry out our mission, and our vision demands that we work consistently and effectively to live up to these qualities.

Our strength lies in our ability to leverage these quantities to deliver enduring value for our clients, our people and the community. These basic principles define the character of our firm, and guide how we behave, our approach to work and our relationship with clients. They are the reasons companies do business with us and why our employee consider Concinnity a great place to work.

At Concinnity,
  • Enduring characteristics define who we are.
  • Enduring values guide our actions.
  • Enduring solutions help our clients succeed.
Our Vision, Mission and Values.
Catalyst for Growth and Performance
Our Vision
Our aim is to aggressively pursue growth and execute differentiation strategies that contribute to enhancing the Concinnity brand value.
Our Mission
Our mission is to embrace the vision of our clients by delivering enduring value through our disciplined pursuit of excellence.
Our Values
We aspire to the Six Qualities of Excellence as they enable us to turn our mission into action.
The Six Qualities of Excellence
  • The Capacity to Anticipate
  • The Confidence to Take Charge
  • The Ability to Focus on the Details
  • The Creativity to Innovate
  • The Spirit to Collaborate
  • The Knowledge to Problem Solve
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Personal growth and impact within a collaborative culture are some of the benefits of building a career at Concinnity.

No Longer a Luxury, Digital Literacy Can’t Wait.

In today’s increasingly connected digital world, digital literacy capabilities are becoming more and more important for effectively learning, working and living