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Untitled Document Leadership Programme - First-Line Leadership Programme
Most people learn to become good leaders from stumbling through new situations, making mistakes, and learning from them. The First-Line Leadership Programme is a foundation development intervention that is aimed at supporting first-time leaders to make the transition from being an individual contributor to a first-level leadership position.
The programme is designed for the specific challenges and behaviours that are essential for new or first level managers, and equips them with both the functional and interpersonal skills required for successfully leading a group or team. Participants expand their’ self-awareness and their capacity to manage themselves better and work more effectively with others.
Who is the Programme For?
This programme is designed to equip those people new to people management roles or experienced but lack structured management training, with the knowledge and skills to competently and confidently manage their them. This includes: supervisor employees, first-line managers, people who report to middle management, new team leaders and supervisors of individual contributors, persons with the potential to move to a first-line supervisory role and people recently promoted to a management role.
Mid-Management Leadership Programme
Mid-level managers are critical to improving overall engagement and corporate performance, and often wield significant influence in organisations. They often have the largest spans of control, multiple teams and are accountable for large budgets and developing talents. Often invisible within the organisation, they manage people and processes, influence up, down, and across the organisation, and face intense pressures from the realities of executing strategy through their teams.

The Concinnity’s Mid-Management Leadership Development Programme is dedicated to addressing the leadership development needs of people managing in the middle of organisational. The programme equips middle managers with the key competencies they require to make the shift from being functional operators to becoming strategic business contributors, while preparing for future senior leadership roles.

Participants learn to collaborate across the organisation and help others do the same; effectively manage uncertainties and complex multi-dimensional problems in interconnected systems. For the newly-appointed middle managers, the development intervention provides them practical models, tools and techniques that can be applied in their day-to-day running of their units. For the more experienced middle manager, it provides them a knowledge overview and offers some fresh perspectives.
The Concinnity Mid-Management leadership programme builds:
  • The capacity of emerging leaders to respond to complex challenges and opportunities in their workplaces.
  • Deepen their self-awareness and enhance their ability to lead others.
  • Acquire strategies for understanding and adapting to change.
  • Developed leadership tools to influence policy decisions and foster collaboration.
  • Strengthen capacity to lead their organisations into the future.
Who is the Programme For?
The target group are delegates with functional and/or organisational experience that are new comers to managerial positions within all business sectors, e.g. experienced managers who lead other managers and senior professionals, Operational, group, or departmental managers, leaders who work up, down, and across the organisation, managers and functional specialists with approximately, and people with excellent leadership prospects within their organisations
Senior Leadership Programme
Our Senior Leadership Development Programme is for senior leaders who want to realise their organisational leadership potential. The programme offers them the opportunity to broaden their business horizon and explore the complexity of strategic and operational leadership. Participants d and are supported to take on the challenge of leadership in a safe supportive environment.

The programme is designed to explore all facets of leadership success and provides perspective, insight, ideas and tool for meeting leadership challenges in the business landscape of uncertainty and ambiguity. The programme assumes participants have a high level of complex of leadership skills, and is aimed at challenging, stretching and expanding their thinking about their leadership role.

Throughout the programme, our focus is on how participants can apply developmental learning to their own situation to make real improvements to their leadership abilities, team and organisation. Participants will explore individual approach to working, decision making, and systemic thinking, and learn how to create a performance-based culture, implement strategy effectively to achieve specific goals, how to make changes where they are needed and how to inspire and influence others to achieve required outcomes.
Who is the Programme For?
Senior level leaders who want to improve their performance and personal impact. This includes heads of departments and operational areas in large organisations, project managers of significantly large projects, chief executives and directors of small to medium-sized businesses, and experienced senior managers seeking further development master the leadership aspects of strategy implementation.
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