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People transform organisations, and companies that excel are those that have discovered how to tap into people's commitment and capacity to learn. Successful companies are learning organisations that facilitate the continuous learning of its workforce for competitive advantage.
At Concinnity, we help our clients build confident and competent employees, able to work within established group culture. We help clients to identify organisational competency gaps and formulate appropriate career development goals to enhance the success of both employees and the organisation. Concinnity's Learning & Development help organisations to orient, train and develop their employees to enable them reach their full potential. Our goal is to help foster a culture of learning across the organisation and inspire transformation in individuals, teams and organisations.
Our Learning and Development assists organisations to:
  • Align learning strategies to business goals
  • Design, develop and deliver learning solutions
  • Provide learning assessment and evaluations
  • Rapidly and effectively modify behaviour
  • Support learning transfer through coaching
  • Effect organisational change through learning
  • Develop employee skill sets and enrich knowledge base
What We Offer
Concinnity provides companies with end-to-end expert support for strategic and corporate learning opportunities. Our practical competency-based, learner-focused training and skills development programmess are ideal vehicles for stimulating and encouraging learning. We help equip employees with the skills, knowledge, abilities and competencies necessary to enhance organisational productivity and efficiency, as well as support employee individual career growth.

Through in-depth research and careful design, we provide our clients the following:
Learning & Development Solutions
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Training Measurements
  • Instructional Development
  • Open & Customised Onsite Programs
  • Training Outsourcing E-Learning Solutio
Our Approach
At Concinnity, we believe the content of learning programmes, as well as the process for delivering that content to learners are both equally important. Therefore, in designing, developing and facilitating our programmes, we ensure the training objectives of the organisation, as well as the training needs and learning style of the participants.

To ensure program effectiveness, we work closely with our clients to clarify their needs and objectives, and together plan, implement and evaluate all activities, with attention paid to the identification of core business, group and individual issues. Concinnity's systematic approach to design and development creates programmes that are current, valid, and based on best learning practices.
Our experience allows us to tailor activities to ensure maximum learning, and that new skills and competencies are transferred from the workshop to the job. For each learning and development programme, we choose a training and delivery system that best meet the needs and capabilities of our client organisation. The programme design offers include instructor-led training, e-learning and video-based programs. Our standard approach follows a five staged execution process to ensure we obtain the expected
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How can we help you?
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