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Highly successful organisations develop leadership pipeline of individuals who can motivate and transform themselves and others to excel; leaders able to deliver now and in the future.
Concinnity Leadership Development facilitates the mastery of skills set and attitude required to build leaders that consistently excel. Our program focuses on expanding individual leadership capacity through learning, growing and changing. We help executives, managers and emerging potential leadership candidates to understand the human factors involved in building an effective corporative organisation and culture. With our support, they unlearn dated success limiting approaches to managerial and leadership roles, and imbibe leadership styles and qualities that make great leaders.
Concinnity Leadership Development helps:
  • Identify an organisation's unique leadership requirements
  • Build and extend their leadership capacity
  • Align leadership team around a shared vision
  • Address individual and organisational leadership development needs.
  • Customise leadership solution to organisations unique requirement.
  • Integrated leadership development practices within the organisation.
  • Develop a selection process focused on identifying potential leader
Leadership Offerings
The Concinnity approach to leadership training and development is focused on impacting the fundamental values and attitudes that influence behaviour. Working cosily with clients, our leadership development experts assist leaders and potential leaders to embed the correct attitudes and behaviours that will enable them lead themselves, their teams, and organisation effectively.
Our Leadership Development Programs
  • Leadership Strategy Development
  • Leadership Assessment and Benchmarking
  • Specialised Leadership Programs
  • Leadership Coaching
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Personal growth and impact within a collaborative culture are some of the benefits of building a career at Concinnity.
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