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The HIMM requires a high degree of enthusiastic and committed form participants. The insights and mind-set change gained by participants during the HIMM programme is a direct result of their level of commitment and effort to the programme, the ideas they gained and connections with other participants. They are expected to be active learners and fully commitment to work hard to achieve maximum success.
Desired Qualities of Participants: This programme seeks self-starters who are:
  • Capable of working in a non-traditional and organic learning structure
  • A genuine interest in developing leadership skills and competency and
  • A willingness to examine the "self" ; key to self-awareness and self-discovery
Compulsory Participation in all learning components
In order be fully engages in the programme, participants are expected to participate in all the learning components of the programme. This comprises of a variety of blended learning mix of traditional and non-traditional learning formats, designed to be develop and explore leadership principles based on personal and collective experiences.

Participants are required to attend all six workshop sessions and complete all the inter-workshop activities, including readings, self-assessments, journaling action learning sets, and other learning methods components. To increase intentionality in participants leadership exploration journey, participation in coaching sessions are required.

Workshops are scheduled 2 to 3 weeks apart, giving enough lead time to make arrangements to be away from work. Participants are required to provide a written approval for release time from their organisations supervisor for the workshop published dates.
Commit Time to Self-Directed Learning:
Commit on average 4 hours per week study time outside of the structured time throughout the duration of the programme. This time will be dedicated to completing assignments related to the leadership exploration and development journey outside the face-to-face workshop sessions.
These activities are may include:
  • Self-assessments
  • Reading
  • Online discussion
  • Observation
  • Journaling
  • Small group conversation
  • Coaching
  • Engaging in leadership project
Programme Evaluation and Feedback
The programme successful design and development, and its continuing success is due to the constructive feedback of participants. Feedback will be solicited through written survey, interview and electronic survey.
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