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Programme Content
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Managing Self: The process of influencing oneself to establish the self-direction and self-motivation needed to perform via the utilisation of both behavioural and mental techniques.

Participants gain an intimate understanding of own emotions, strengths, weakness, needs and drives, and how these affect their self and others, and job performance.
Module 2
Managing Others: Leadership involves focusing on how to work with and through others to coordinate and align organisational goals and objectives in a changing environment.

The programme enable participants to use fundamental principles of human behaviour and strategies of influence to optimise the performance of others within an organisation.
Module 3
Managing Context: Focuses on the middle manager's responsibility for leading up, across, down, and outside the organisation.

Participants are engaged in a highly interactive experience that simulates the complexities and challenges of their organisation's environment. They learn to establish and sustain a high performance culture, and highly engage workforce to support business goals.
Module 4
Managing Organisation: This module focuses on the mangers role as strategic leaders and the need to be proactive in achieving organisational excellence.

Participants gain the knowledge, skills, and analytical capabilities required to lead a modern organisation successfully through the effective building agreement to shared goals and courses of action, and facilitating the achievement of these goals. They learn to identify the current status of their organisation and develop a roadmap to continued improvement.
Module 5
Managing Relationship: People skills are crucial to personal and business success. Moving beyond strategies for influencing the behaviour of others, this module provides a process for creating clear communications, effective collaboration, and relationships that achieve results.

The module is a powerful combination of personal insights and practice empowers participants to develop highly effective business relationships, enhance their emotional intelligence and improve their ability to influence and engage with people more efficiently.
Module 6
Managing Change: A focuses on middle managers leadership role in initiating change in the workplace. Participants gain practical tools and leadership skills to instigate, implement and embed a strategy for change throughout the organisation, and minimise the potentially negative effect of change on moral, process and productivity.

Participant learn how to turn strategy into action; manage change when it matters; find routes to growth and make innovation a reality for your organisation
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