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The HIMM is designed for a people in specific roles, behaviour and attitudes. To help protective participants decide if this programme is right for them, we have provide some details about the programme.
Who Should Attend?
Middle managers and leaders This course is especially valuable to those who have moved up into management and leadership, but have not had formal training in what a manager really is and what they do. Understanding management and the many facets they need to master in order to be an effective and efficient manager.

The High Impact Middle Manager who need training in the various aspects of being a manager. The programme is specifically valuable to managers and midlevel leaders and functional specialist with minimum of 5 to 7 years work experiences who are in need of understanding the many facets of management they need to master in order to be a more effective and efficient manager.

Who Are They? Participants represent a balance in gender, ethnicity, employment type, level and scope of position or authority from a variety of industries and functional areas. Participants in each cohort represent diverse industries and functional roles, useful for expanding perspectives and knowledge, as well as network.

Number of Participants in each cohort? Up to 30
Key Programme Highlights
The following are highlights of the integrated program:

Innovative Learning Approach: Based on contemporary principles of interactive and experiential learning, the programme builds knowledge and skills through group participation, practice, self-assessments, reflection, and up-to-date materials

Cohort Based Approach: This creates a trusting learning environment that foster real-time learning, honest feedback, the willingness to take risks, and the ability and confidence in participants to recreate the same environment with their peers and those they lead. The cohort approach also creates a career-long support group and a network of peers.

Fundamental Skills Building: The Learning Package which forms the first part of the leadership programme introduces participants to the concept of covered in the leadership programme, and acts as foundational leadership skills.

360' Degree Assessment: Participant will complete a 360' leadership competency assessment (Leadership Practices Inventory) to help them identify individual leadership strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Cohort Challenge: Participants work with their Cohort member face-to-face and virtually via online forums, email, Skype, WhatsApp, telephone etc. where they can put their business acumen to the test. Participants will learn how to analyse the competition and address important real-world issues as they develop a solution to their Alumni Challenge. The Cohorts present solution to its Challenge to the faculty, and company representatives on the final day of the programme.

Future Leaders Learning Zone: Undergirding The High Impact Middle Manager leadership development programme is the Future Leaders blog, a Personal Learning Zone. The platform integrates all the elements of the programme, linking structured classroom learning with the other elements of the programme. It is a common space for enhancing communication among the stakeholders, encouraging peer-to-peer and self-directed learning, online coaching, as well as build a network across industries throughout the programme and beyond, as programme alumni.

Personal Case Study: Participants bring the programme to life through a personal case that enables them to address a specific challenge in their organisation through an in-depth strategy and implementation plan. Participant will first identify and scope the challenge, and proceed to build a strategy throughout the programme. Participants present an overview of their business challenge and action plan to the Cohort, and based on feedback, refine and finalise their personal case.

Personal and Team Coaching: During the one-on-one Skype sessions, participants and their personal coach will review feedback received during the real-life case exercise and address questions about individual development as a leader. The Team Coaching session will explore the productivity and effectiveness of participant teams within the Cohort.

Our Facilitators : Facilitators are subject matter and adult learning experts, recognised for their extensive work and consulting experience within the private and public sector. They are able to stimulate relevant discussions, and challenge participants to think about and apply the concepts they read and learn in the classroom.

Post Programme Support: The programme provides a 90 days support to participants in continuing their learning after the programme, including repeating the 360 Degree Assessment; experienced coaching via Skype, email or telephone to help participants stay on track with their action plan and remain focused on their new leadership goals; alumni events and networking opportunities; and newsletter and updates on the programme and learning material.

Networking Opportunities: Ample opportunities to network with a professional network of fellow participants from a variety of industries and functional areas, in a lively and challenging learning environment.

Alumni: As an alumni, participants have many opportunities to stay in touch and continue their learning, including: Alumni networking and learning events; Virtual/online networking opportunities and a free subscription to the HIMM Newsletter will alert alumni to the latest news and information to help them respond to today's business challenges and opportunities; LinkedIn group to get feedback on critical issues that alumni are facing from those who have faced the same issues.

Benefits of Programme
Participants that will benefit include
  • High-potential mid-level managers new to general management
  • High potential fist level managers, ready to move into middle management roles
  • Senior functional or technical specialists in transition to general management
  • General managers, regional and country managers and business unit leader
  • Project manager working on large or complex projects across teams, functions or border
How Participants Will Benefit
  • Improve personal and organisational skills, and develop new abilities and techniques to become a more effective leader
  • Increase self-knowledge and leadership capacity through critical thinking, exploring strengths theory and examining change models
  • View leadership role through organisational values and, build a supportive high performance culture and
  • Have greater self-awareness and a real understanding of the impact of their behaviour on others, and build better relationships within and outside your organisation
  • Participants exchange ideas and experiences with outstanding faculty and fellow participants and extended participants professional network across diverse organisations and industries.
How Companies will benefit
  • Create focus and clarity within the organization, and build a commitment to a shared vision
  • Equipped to make a significant contribution to moving the organisation in desired directions and steer teams through
  • Develop a high performance culture with a strong execution orientation
  • Build high-performance expectations into day to day management practices
  • Achieve your strategic goals with stronger, more committed teams
  • Create an atmosphere of trust, collaboration, mutual support and open communication
  • Benchmark against the best leadership practices of the successful companie
To attain the High Impact Middle Manager Award Certificate, participants are assessed in each of the six modules, via variety of practical assignments and the completion of specific tasks. There are no examinations, rather the emphasis throughout the programme is on the practical application of knowledge to benefit participants and their organisation

To allow participants to combine learning with work and life demands, the continuous assessment workload is spread across the duration of the programme. To enhance and embed learning, participants are expected to complete a number of assignments, such as reading books, case studies and articles, audio books, film, etc
The HIMM is designed for a people in specific roles, behaviour and attitudes. To help protective participants decide if this programme is right for them, we have provide some details about the programme.
Upon completion of the programme, participants will receive The High Impact Middle Management Certificate of Content Mastering Certificate, a widely recognised symbol of excellence in Middle Management leadership education in Nigeria. Since its inception in 2013, organisations have sent their middle managers to participate in this world-class leadership exploration and development journey.
Wrap-Up and Graduation Celebration
The completion of the programme on the last day of the session is the Wrap-Up and Graduation. The session is focused on each participant, and the collective group as a way of celebrating individual and shared experiences in the context of celebration and discovery. Participants present in a variety of mediums and creative expressions before their mentors, facilitators, management. Honours, Awards, acknowledgements and certificates are given out.
Application Process
Prospective participants have to complete a simple application form that includes a section for their supervisor's approval. The supervisor's approval is mandatory to ensure that the stated time commitments are understood and release time is provided. Requested demographic information, including information about participants company, industry type, business environment helps to get a represented mix for the target cohort. All information provided will be kept and treated as confidential and will only be used by Concinnity for internal and commercial purposes. Concinnity will not sell, rent, lease, or give away participants personal information to others.
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