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Leading from the Middle: The High Impact Middle Manager Developing Powerful Strategies for thriving in the Middle - Most organisations struggle with how to develop mid-managers to leadership roles; to become leaders to make decisions with an enterprise perspective, inspire employees to achieve a congruent organisational vision and add value to the bottom line. The High Impact Middle Manager (HIMM) addresses the distinct challenges of managing in the middle of organisations and the models that successful leaders employ in this context.
A middle management competency-based leadership development programme, the HIMM supports managers in mastering an integrated management and leadership toolkit essential for making the critical shift from transactional managers (getting things done: organising and planning) to transformational leaders (influence oriented behaviours: inspiring).

The programme is a self-exploration and self-discovery leadership exploration and development journey that expose participants to learning experiences along a progressive path that supports participants to increase self-knowledge, capabilities and insights. Through experiential learning, participants learn how to use creative thinking, and analytical and strategic skills to drive innovation, performance and effective decision-making. They expand their cross-functional perspective, and learn to perceive their role as building a supportive culture that inspires and empowers everybody to consistently work together to achieve more.

The HIMM premium programme content and our experienced facilitators support middle managers in developing a personal leadership philology, and grow and develop from middle managers to middle leaders. The end-result? Twenty first century confident, now managers, who understand their contributions to the organisation's broader corporate strategy. Participants return to work reenergised with the skill to make informed, effective decisions.
Programme Objective
The HIMM programme will enable participants:
  • Become multi-faceted managers with an enterprise-wide perspective of key business drivers and the inter-connectedness of business activities
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of business functions and build foundational skills to integrate these functions across their organisation
  • Develop a personal leadership philosophy that reflects greater awareness, honest self-knowledge, about one's motives, personality capacities and values
  • Develop a holistic approach to identifying problems, developing solutions, and adapting to change
  • Build strategic skills for effective decision making, strategy development, and implementation
  • Expand capacity to lead cross-functional initiatives and corporate projects in a challenging market and business landscape
As behavioural change takes more time than a good theory and good expectations, at Concinnity, we believe learning is a process, not an event, and the most powerful learning experiences happen in real life rather than in a classroom.

Consequently, the HIMM takes a paced modular programme approach that runs over an extended period and leverages the educational power of multiple learning tools to help embed learning and enhance application in the workplace. The development intervention is a process that is anchored on a paced modular framework. Deploying an integrated blended learning interventions, participants are afforded the time to learn a new skills set, demonstrate new behaviours and embrace a new mind-set.

The HIMM runs over a 3 months period, and comprises of a 7 half-day workshop delivery sessions, supported by a Pre-Programme engagement a month prior to the start of the facilitated workshops, and ends with a Post-Programme Application period for follow-up and support of participants.

3 Months of Training in 7 Days


Structure & Content
The High Impact Middle Managers is an extraordinary programme that takes leadership development to a remarkable new level, and extends participants learning well beyond the conventional classroom training through a paced, modular, experiential, reflective and interactive leadership discovery and exploration journey.

The High Impact Middle Manager is a holistic programme with three main elements: a Six-Day Facilitated Workshop and a Post-Programme Application as illustrated in the following framework:

The programmes three phased delivery framework consists of the following:
  • Pre-Programmed Engagement: The programme kicks-off a month prior to the start of the Second Phase with pre-programme work to prepare participants for the structured classroom workshops
  • A Six Facelifted Workshops: A face-to-face six half day facilitated experiential workshop with inter-workshop activities after the facilitated workshop during which participants engage in self-directed learning, implement Learning and Action Plans, Peer networking and etc. The HIMM consists of half-day facilitated workshop sessions scheduled approximately every 3-4 weeks apart to provide enough time for participants inter-workshop self-directed learning and practical activity elements.
  • Post-Programme Application and Support: The programme closes with a Post-Programme Application that provides participants with post-programme follow-up and support in applying and sustaining their development experience.
The HIMM structure integrates a variety of self-reinforcing blended learning components to create an enhanced hands-on participant-centred learning that is rooted in practical, real-work experiences. The integrated practical learning components creates participants very own leadership transformation journey, where they learn to understand their individual leadership style, then develop and practice how to be better at leading in real work situations.
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