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To achieve sustainable growth and bottom-line results, companies need to build and develop a pool of competent human capital and align them to their business and strategic objectives. What differentiates successful organisations is their ability to attract, develop, deploy motivate and retain the top-level talents vital for their business needs. We help organisations build a high-performance workforce by attracting the best people, ensuring their talents are fully utilised and supporting their career progression within the organisation.
Concinnity targeted Human Capital services and solutions help clients to consolidate their workforce capability, and ensure employees at all levels are highly motivated, productive and contribute well to the overall success of the organisation.

We design and implement effective workforce development strategies to support the organisation's short-term and long-term business objectives, while keeping individual employee's performance and career development needs in perspective.
Our Human Capital service helps organisations to:
  • Manage talent effectively
  • Align human capital with strategic business goals
  • Optimise workforce performance and effectiveness
  • Manage change to build buy-in and mitigate risks
  • Develop management & leadership competencies
  • Find, retain and develop good employees
  • Develop employee skill sets and enrich knowledge base
  • Provide complete training management
Concinnity offers integrated human capital services and solutions that cover the following
Learning and Development
People transform organisations, and companies that excel are those that have discovered how to tap into people's commitment and capacity to learn. Successful companies are learning organisations that facilitate the continuous learning of its workforce for competitive advantage.
Leadership Development
Concinnity Leadership Development facilitates the mastery of skills set and attitude required to build leaders that consistently excel. Our program focuses on expanding individual leadership capacity through learning, growing and changing. We help executives, managers and emerging potential leadership candidates to understand the human factors involved in building an effective corporative organisation and culture. With our support, they unlearn dated success limiting approaches to managerial and leadership roles, and imbibe leadership styles and qualities that make great leaders.
e-Learning that works! - You Learn Faster.
We offer over 2,000 feature packed courses in Desktop Computing, Business and Professional Development and Information Technology, as well as certification preparation exams for IT certifications. The Learndirect course materials ensure instructional competency and the proper curriculum, and guarantee training that is engaging, effective and enjoyable. Our courses are designed to help a wide range of learners (students, university graduates, job seekers and workers in private and public sector organisations) develop their skills and talents in a way that is affordable, accessible and accountable.

21st Century Training for a 21st Century Workforce
Why Concinnity?
Our firm is an association that brings together those who need a business problem solved with those who have the skill set to solve it.

Our expertise has grown from years of experience working closely with many clients.

Concinnity has a proven track record in helping diverse organisations to leverage their strengths, build capacities and fulfil a vision of excellence within their industry.
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How can we help you?
Contact us at Concinnity or submit a business inquiry online.

The Digital Talent Gap: Developing Digital Literacy Skills for the 21st Century Workplace

This presentation is a review of the digital skills talent gap in today’s 21st Century Workplace and the challenge of upskilling employees’ digital literacy skills to meet the demand of the modern workplace.


Developing Leaders. Strengthening Organisation

From the throes of consolidation to the collateral business damage from the credit crunch, effective leadership is critical in navigating a company to sustained growth. The axiom, “Everything rises and falls on Leadership” underscores the crucial importance of regular update of the leadership skills of every organisation’s managerial team.