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The breadth and depth of Concinnity's knowledge and competencies are in multiple industrial sectors, giving our firm the capacity to develop customised solutions for clients in a variety of industries and on a variety of subjects. The scope of Concinnity's client base is broad, and ranges from blue chip companies, emerging entrepreneurial businesses to start-ups.
Concinnity's multifunctional teams represent each of our service areas and create client specific solutions that add value across an organisation. Our professionals combine advanced knowledge of the most effective management approaches with an intimate understanding of targeted industrial sectors and specific subject areas. This gives us the capacity to deliver knowledge and expertise to respond to our client's unique business challenges and opportunities.
  • Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail
  • Energy and Resources (Oil & Gas, Power &Utilities)
  • Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Telecommunication and Media
  • Transport, Travel, Hospitality and Leisure
  • Government : Federal, State and Local Government
  • Health and Education
  • Non-Governmental Agencie
Why Concinnity?
Our firm is an association that brings together those who need a business problem solved with those who have the skill set to solve it.

Our expertise has grown from years of experience working closely with many clients.

Concinnity has a proven track record in helping diverse organisations to leverage their strengths, build capacities and fulfil a vision of excellence within their industry.
We have established a reputation for delivering exceptional value to clients and developed strong and repeatable relationships with clients we have worked with over the years. We get to know our clients as companies and as people, and collaborate with them to achieve specific objectives and results. Our success story includes works we have done for a range of clients from a variety of industrial sectors and organisation of all sizes. As well as working directly with clients, we have also collaborated with implementation partners who have leveraged our quality resources and consistent methodology. In all cases we have increase value with our focused practice in the areas of consulting, human capital development and research services.

Drawing on our expertise and experience, we have helped many organisations leverage their strengths and build capacities to achieve enhance performance and growth.
Case Studies
Concinnity is all about creating measurable value for our clients. Our success story includes works we have done for a range of clients from a variety of industrial sectors and organisation of all sizes.
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