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Untitled Document The Concinnity Edge:
It's a new world, and we are here to help you take it on. Concinnity provides organisation-specific solutions based on a thorough understanding our clients specific need. Our evidence-based approach and best practice, are combined with creativity and innovation to deliver client focused solutions. Our strength lies in our ability to leverage established goals and strategic objectives to produce distinctive and lasting value and high performance.
At the core of Concinnity is our evidence-based approach, which we combine with practical experience, proven processes and methodologies to meet our clients specific situations and business needs. This goal is Concinnity raison and has shaped our firm history since inception. In pursuant of this, we have developed a functional practice in Research Services, along with competencies in key areas of consultancy and human capital.

We have built up an extensive network of local and global partners and practitioners, and we draw on their skill and expertise to deliver unparalleled results for our clients. The strengths of our company combined with the expertise and specialised knowledge of our our network of consultants and strategic partners ensure we leverage industry best practice to deliver outstanding results and enduring value.
The Concinnity Edge
At Concinnity, we give our clients the refined attention necessary for excellence. What differentiates us is our readiness to challenge clients conventional assumptions and our ability to galvanise new thinking and transform new ideas into high-value results. We welcome the opportunity to challenge and be challenged, and we constantly question directions taken and accepted boundaries of thinking.
  • Our customised approach is tailored to each client's unique situation, with our evidence-based research as a key enabler.
  • We bring a real-world perspective that is in tuned with the local and connected to the world.
  • We have a deep understanding of the non-standard market environment of transition-economies.
  • Our uncompromising commitment to exceptional client services and extraordinary level of dedication to our clients success.
  • Our consulting teams have the right experience and knowledge to produce distinctive, substantial and lasting performance outcomes for our clients.
  • We take accountability for our work by sharing in our clients risks. As champion of the spirit of enterprise, we are open to consulting for equity and success fees.

To Every Assignment We Bring
  • Industry-Specific and Functional Expertise: Our experts are experienced, have deep knowledge of specific industry issues, trends, and opportunities.
  • Rigorous, Proven Methodologies: Our work is grounded in rigorous, proven methodologies, and we apply sound ideas and industry best practice, drawing on our objective perspectives.
  • Collaborative Work: We work in close partnership with clients to complement their resources, and extend their knowledge.
  • Innovative Thinking: We challenge accepted boundaries of thinking, and openly share our unique innovative and acculturated perspective.
  • Intellectual Curiosity: We are inquisitive and investigative, and our quest for knowledge, new experiences and self improvement underlie our creative and innovative nature.
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