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In today's increasingly connected digital world, digital literacy capabilities are becoming more and more important for effectively learning, working and living in the 21st Century Society. e-Skill the Nation is a platform dedicated to ensuring that Nigerians have the digital skills and competencies they need to successfully engage fully with the new digital society.
A profound digital literacy gap exist between the levels of digital literacy among students and workforce and the global standard of digital literacy. We need to move our thinking beyond our primary focus on traditional literacy to include additional sets of 21st Century fluencies that reflect the times we live in.

e-Skill the Nation is an integrated marketing and education campaign to promote awareness of the importance of digital literacy in the new digital age, and the need to bridge the digital literacy divide through capacity building and training in 21st Century Literacies. The collaborative platform aims to expand, cultivate, inform and motivate Digital Citizenship nationwide by bringing people and organisations together to creatively address the national digital literacy deficit and better coordinate efforts to address it.

Digital literacy helps people to become more employable and productive, and enables them to participate fully in the new knowledge era, not only as consumers, but as providers and producers of knowledge assists. Citizens of the 21st century who lack digital literacy skills risk being disadvantaged when it comes to accessing opportunities for employment, education, business and government services. To find out more about e-skill the nation,

visit, www.e-skillthenation.com.ng.

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