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Technology is now part of our daily lives and how we work, learn and communicate with each other. E-Learning enhances the learning and teaching experience by utilising online communication tools and interactivity as an enabler for alternative training methods. Educational institutions, businesses and governments all over the world are deploring e-learning solutions to enhance and complement their learning and development, and have witnessed enormous returns on their investments.
At Concinnity, we are passionate about innovation, learning and technology in equal measure - employing the latest tools and techniques to deliver learning that works. We offer a complete range of e-learning development and consultancy services to help companies deliver end-to-end learning solutions to their workforce. We support organisations in discovering new ways to perform training tasks easier and faster, while keeping training costs down and the workforce actively engaged and in shape.

Concinnity e-Learning Services deplores the lasted technology enabled education to meet clients training needs, helping them become more efficient and more productive. We support them in discovering new ways to perform training tasks easier and faster, while keeping costs down and their employees actively engaged and in shape.

We are able to interface for world leading learning solutions and content providers to design, deliver and implement e-learning strategies to meet specific business needs of our clients. Our team of experienced e-learning experts can successfully implement end-to-end e-learning solutions that deliver value to our customers and a high return on their investment.
Concinnity e-learning services help organisations to:
  • Develop strategic approaches to e-learning and performance improvement.
  • Develop and deliver focused and effective e-learning solutions.
  • Customise e-learning solutions to meet organisational need and culture
  • Provide an array of additional support services to support client's team
  • Capacity building to ensure staff can develop and deliver results
  • Design and deliver learning portals and performance centres
  • Implement cost-effective hosted learning management systems.
Our E-learning Services Includes:
  • Corporate Training Solutions
  • E-learning Content Solutions
  • Assessment Solutio
Why use Concinnity E-Learning?
The benefits to you of working with us:
  • Scalable Solutions From course development to complete LMS integration.
  • Flexible Development We customise solutions to fit specific organisation needs.
  • Experienced Team That are able to delivered solutions seamlessly
  • Strategic Partners MindLeaders Thirdforce, the world leading training solution provider with over 2,500 clients in more than 30 countries. Others include: Whitehouse Business Solutions and A eLData Services, Serebra Learning Corporation and easyLearning.
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How can we help you?
Contact us at Concinnity or submit a business inquiry online.

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