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Today, companies differentiate themselves and their products by employing a pro-social agenda as a way of building and enhancing their reputation and image for a competitive edge. Cause Branding or Cause-Related Marketing acknowledges the wider benefit of backing a good cause in a win-win symbiosis that is beneficial to the corporation, the charity or good cause, and consumers. Championing a cause makes good business sense.
Concinnity Cause Branding partners corporate organisations with worthwhile charities and good causes to market an image, product or service, and position their brand for the future. Our signature cause branding platforms unite companies and good causes in a synergistic mission that deliver measurable benefits to all the stakeholders: the charitable organisations garner support and raise public awareness; the community gets benefits that accrue from public spirited good works; the corporation heightens its appeal and reputation within its target market, enhance general perception as a socially responsible company, and increase its market share in the targeted segment.

As strategic thinkers with the know how to build brand devotion, Concinnity go beyond emotions to successfully break through today's market information overload to create and deliver programs that resonate with increasingly jaded consumers. We develop and execute substantive authentic cause marketing initiatives that differentiate a company from its competitors, giving it a marketing edge that delivers tangible results. At Concinnity, we help our clients build and deliver on their brand promise purposefully.
Concinnity Cause Branding helps companies to:
  • Develop social cause strategies.
  • Identify opportunities for market position and differentiation.
  • Create propriety cause branding campaigns.
  • Maximise business value and performance.
  • Manage partnerships to meet stakeholders expectations.
  • Evaluate cause-related marketing campaign.
  • Manage effective public brand awareness campaigns.
  • Positively engaged the workforce.
What We Offer
Concinnity regards Cause Branding as both a threat and an opportunity. Our approach pioneers Cause Branding as an integral part of core business strategy necessary for building and activating a compelling and trustworthy connection with a brand. Concinnity signature Cause Branding initiatives highlights a company's reputation among new and potential customers, strengthen product sales, and becomes an invaluable cornerstone of a company's marketing plan.

The Concinnity cause-related marketing team combine passion, creativity and attention to detail to develop and execute authentic and meaningful best-fit Cause Branding partnerships that deliver long-term business and social benefit. Our methodology is rooted in rigorous research and analysis that first determine the needs and objectives of the organisation to identify the variables that make for a successful cause-related campaign. Based on this evaluation, we then develop suitable platforms that send a clear message that fit the corporate brand, and optimise customer and corporate relationships.

Our professionals are practised at working with corporate marketing, communications, and various philanthropic organisations to deliver an effective campaign. We maximize the benefits of forging alliances with social causes through a multi-disciplinary campaign approach that integrates advertising, direct marketing, public relations and awareness, promotions, and grassroots initiatives.

At Concinnity, we pride ourselves on developing a partnership built on trust, open communication and measurable results for all stakeholders, and we are committed to consistently deliver a winning edge that provide tangible benefits.
Our Cause Branding Capabilities Include:
  • Strategic Philanthropy
  • Cause Brand Development and Execution
  • Signature Cause Program
  • Employee Volunteering Programs
  • Social Cause Issue Research, Monitoring and Analysis
  • Research and Insight
Benefit of Concinnity Cause Branding
At Concinnity, we believe societal needs and business growth are not mutually exclusive. We support our client companies in building a significant and sustainable impact in the community. Our authentic engaging cause-related marketing programs helps to heighten corporate awareness for their brands, foster customer loyalty, and increase morale and job satisfaction among their employees, and evoke tremendous goodwill in the community in an engaging and authentic way.
Other benefits accruing from our cause-related marketing include:
  • Differentiate brand from competitors
  • A positive media coverage and increase brand visibility
  • New and deeper community networks
  • Enhanced credibility and public perception of brand
  • Gain a unique selling point over competitors
  • Provide an incentives for consumers to switch brand
  • Foster long-term customer loyalty
  • Improve relationships with supply chain and retailers
  • Improve employee morale and loyalty
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