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Our Brand: A Symbol of Excellence
Concinnity is a value driven organisation that leads the way in transforming the market and is recognised for delivering distinctive values that endure to clients. Fundamental to our success is a comprehensive strategy that integrates our philosophy, culture and core values with our strategic objectives.   These principles define the character of our firm and guide how we behave, our approach to work and our relationship with clients. These the key reasons companies do business with us and why our employee consider Concinnity a great place to work.
Our Name
Con.cin.ni.ty –A skilful inter-arrangement of parts with  respect to a whole; facilitated harmony studied elegance. 

Concinnity comes from Latin concinnitas, "elegance; harmony of style"; from concinnus, "well put together; pleasing, on account of harmony and proportion.

The lower case letters of Concinnity reflects our direct and personal approach to client service. The finely curved, modern, clean font represents our commitment to give our clients the refined attention necessary for excellence

‘Enduring value. Delivered’
We are motivated to deliver enduring value. Our tagline reinforces Concinnity”s real essence and our commitment to:
  • Applying creative solutions to deliver enduring value for our clients, our people, our firm and the community.
  • Acting in our clients' best interest without compromising our core values.
  • Bringing excellence, enthusiasm and dedication to everything we do.

The Concinnity Logo and Brand Identity
Our brand reflects our values, our services and products, our thinking and our work ethics. It encompasses all the intangible qualities that customers associate with Concinnity. It is our promise, our story, our driving force.

The Enso (Zen) Circle


The enso is the Zen symbol absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and the void. Drawn with a single brushstroke, it is a circle in the process of becoming and expresses that moment when the mind is free to let the spirit create. Mirroring the state of mind of the painter, each enso created is unique and original all within itself.

The enso is the true nature of existence and enlightenment, signifying unity and interconnectedness, as well as imperfection and incompleteness. The very imperfections makes it a manifestation of perfection - it is perfect just as it is.

The enso embodies the Concinnity approach to consulting which can be summarised as Facilitated Harmony– a synergy that resolves the dichotomies, polarities and conflicts in an organisation for improved performance. As enso takes on the character of the human painter,  the Concinnity consulting approach seeks to  transform a client company’s structures, processes and human factors to  achieve their vision of success.

At Concinnity, our philosophy (our beliefs, values and standards) are analogous to enso in the following ways:


As a symbol, the circle has no real beginning nor end, it is continuous – just as Concinnity is a continuous quest for excellence.


The Concinnity enso is not a complete circle, but an open one, signifying our openness to change and new knowledge. The open enso signifies imperfection is an essential and inherent aspect of existence, as well as a shows a connection to something greater.  At Concinnity we strive to have a  deep understanding of our customers  internal and external context, and how our offerings impact to control this.


At Concinnity, we tailor solutions (enlightenment) to clients’ specific needs, and provide  the distinctive advantages (strength) to unravel complex issues (void) and deliver enduring value to clients’ (universe) through Facilitated Harmony.


Our beliefs, values and standards define our character. Only those mentally and spiritually whole and strong can paint a true enso.  At Concinnity, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions, not quick fixes, and our underlying principles ensure pragmatic solutions add value to our client.


Our customised solutions are like the Zen enso circle: a vast space, lacking nothing, and contain nothing unwanted.


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Personal growth and impact within a collaborative culture are some of the benefits of building a career at Concinnity.

No Longer a Luxury, Digital Literacy Can’t Wait.

In today’s increasingly connected digital world, digital literacy capabilities are becoming more and more important for effectively learning, working and living