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Enduring Value Delivered
Concinnity is a trusted partner in enabling organisations to develop and realise their vision for success. We provide the constellations of distinctive advantages organisations need for enhanced performance and sustained growth. We help our clients meet the ever increasing challenge to be more effective, efficient, innovative, resilient and competitive.Our strength lies in our ability to leverage our philosophy, culture and core values to create enduring value for our clients, our people and the community.
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.Posted on - 29-07-15, 11:40 am

Digital literacy skill for all

I-CANDO Digital Literacy Skills Training and Digital Skills Global Certification Programme seeks to partner with educational institutions, collaboration with private organisations, governments, NGO to reduce the national digital literacy deficit.  No Longer a Luxury, Digital Literacy Can’t Wait.

.Posted on - 29-07-15, 11:19 am

New website now live

We are please to announce that our new and very much updated website Concinnity is now live. Enhanced for today’s mobile and tablet, and fully supporting PC users